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Certified Carbon Neutral!

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As a direct result of all the effort our team has put in to reducing our carbon footprint, we're proud to announce TransNet NZ Limited is now certified Carbon Neutral.

With all the improvements we've managed to achieve and the ongoing effort to continue to better our practices, we have managed to offset the remainder of our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits.  To make it even better, we're keeping it in the industry.  The carbon credits we've purchased have been allocated to a renewable energy project!

Carbon Neutral status has been a goal since we officially began our sustainability initiative back in 2017 and just two short years later we've achieved that milestone.

To us, Carbon Neutral means reducing our emissions wherever we can and then offsetting what remains by helping to fund sustainable projects around the world which in turn helps other communities to improve their impact on the environment.  For us, a hydro power station project in an emerging nation was the perfect fit.  We're excited to see this project progress and know that once it's commissioned it's success was partly due to our contribution.  

Our customers benefit from the work we've done in this space too, not only do they have less packaging to dispose of, if they are working on improving their own carbon footprint, simply by ordering from us helps as we're an environmentally responsible supplier and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure they too have the right processes in place to help the global push to reduce our impact on the environment.

With the new initiatives we're already implementing for the 2019-2020 year, we're hoping to achieve an even better score with our next audit.  Some of the things we've been doing this year include;
  • Monitoring staff travel and planning where possible to reduce km's travelled
  • Reducing airfreight mileage by increasing our stock levels by an additional $5million
  • Working with customers to ensure freight can be sent in bulk as much as possible reducing urgent freight mileage
  • Removing unnecessary plastic from our packages, we've replaced it with a recyclable paper alternative wherever we can (you may have seen it already)
  • Increasing our Solar farm from 70kW to 150kW - we've produced nearly 70% of all the energy we've used since April 2017 when the original solar farm was commissioned.
  • Until recently there hasn't been an option for recycling polystyrene, but we've just made contact with a company that's doing just that.
  • We have reduced our landfill waste by two thirds all while increasing our output.

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