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EV Chargers in New Sylvia Park Carpark

Auckland's Sylvia Park shopping centre opened a new carpark building on Friday 30th November.  Amongst the 600 new carparks are seven that feature TransNet Wallbox Commander EV charging stations!  These EV carparks are on the ground floor so when you enter the shopping centre you're right in the middle of the retail stores.

The charge network has been designed in such a way that there is space for expansion when the need arises.  The Commander units are simple to use with touch screen functionality, there are a mix of type 1 and type 2 plugs available and the power to charge is courtesy of Sylvia Park.

Wallbox are known as the smallest and smartest EV charging stations available and this is certainly true when you consider the fact these units have built-in load sharing and they monitor all charge sessions so that Kiwi Property - the owners of Sylvia Park can see how they are used and when it is the right time to expand.

These charging stations are all tethered, this ensures quick and easy plug-in for EV users. It also makes it accessible to the many Nissan Leaf owners who generally don’t have a charge cable to plug into an untethered outlet.

In addition to these charging stations, ECOLight LED lighting with integrated motion sensors have been used throughout the building.  These units sense movement and adjust dimming levels accordingly.  The effect is two-fold, firstly there is an added energy saving on top of the LED efficiency but also, there is a reduction in operating hours, so the LED's can last even longer.

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