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Plastabs on ADOS Addicted to Fishing

AATF-64Well it's official, we're a little bit famous......well one of our products is!
ADOS Addicted to Fishing's Nicky Sinden is using Zerust Plastabs in her tackle boxes and she's raving about them.  Not only is cleaning and maintaining fishing tackle a never ending task, keeping them from corroding is sometimes impossible.  With Zerust products the corrosion is one thing Nicky can remove from contents of her tackle boxes.

Plastabs are a small plastic tab that lets off a corrosion inhibiting vapour which coats any metal surface to protect it from corrosion.  The beauty of this product is that the vapour is not harmful and doesn't leave a residue.  Not convinced?  Check out the video's on the zerust.co.nz website.  These products last anywhere from one to five years (depending on the product you choose) and again depending on the product chosen the size of the space they protect varies too.

Zerust products have been protecting industrial sites for many many years and although the smaller more domestic range has only been available in NZ for a relatively short time, we are echoing the same results as the rest of the world with pleasantly surprised customers all over the country sending us messages of surprise and gratitude.

This is a truly amazing product range, if you're a sceptic - give it a go, we're sure you'll be impressed.


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