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TransNet Solar Micro Grid Powering On

DJI 0060-989-30Since our solar farm was commissioned in 2017 with just 70kW capacity, and with the additional 80kW added earlier this year, we've managed to generate a whopping 63.9% of our own electricity.  The micro grid installation was something we chose to do for a number of reasons.  

Not only did we want to reduce our own carbon footprint, we wanted to ensure we understood the entire process from start to finish as well as how to best utilise the energy generated so we could help other businesses and communities to install their own.

With smart controls, we ensure we use the electricity we generate when it's plentiful (through the sunniest parts of the day), we ensure the storage system is full and then if there is spare capacity we can feed back to the grid.  Our stored energy is used to charge our electric forklifts during the night and on the weekends.  We have light and motion sensors controlling our lights to ensure we use only what we require when we need it.

We like a challenge so we've added an eight unit EV charging network, this is controlled by more smart technology to ensure the system isn't overloaded and to offer a fair and even charging experience for all staff and visitors that use our EV chargers.  The solar generated during the sunshine hours is put to good use in and around our facility everyday reducing our overall carbon footprint.

With the additional 80kW of capacity installed earlier this year, we're looking forward to seeing how quickly the 63.9% value can increase.  With 150kW of capacity we have a lot of surplus and this can be used in various ways.

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