CorrosionX - Corrosion Prevention

CorrosionX  Is The Most Advanced Corrosion & Rust Figher In The World.Corrosion X

It is also among the best – if not the best – lubricating and penetrating oils on the market at any price.

What Makes CorrosionX So Special?

All CorrosionX products feature core technologies we call 'Polar Bonding' and 'Fluid Thin Film Coating' (or 'FTFC' for short). These technologies are the heart of why CorrosionX works better and longer than comparable products without having to resort to the high solvent and high volatile organic content (VOC) components common such products and that have been found to be detrimental to the environment.

CorrosionX is the only product available to the public that meets the US Navy's tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement (MIL-PRF-8109G).  Also meets requirements of Industry Standard ASTMD-4172 Anti-Wear Lubricity Test.

CorrosionX Products
  • CorrosionX
  • CorrosionX HD - Heavy Duty
  • CorrosionX ED - Extended Duty
  • MaxWax
  • Reelx
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