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CorrosionX XD - Extended Duty Corrosion & Rust Prevention

CorrosionX XD - Extended Duty Corrosion & Rust Prevention
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CorrosionX Extended Duty combines the best of CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty. Still a fast penetrant and thinly applied, it resists displacement or removal by splash or spray. Superb long life lubricant and rust stopper. Contains no wax, tar or silicone. Will not dry, harden or crack under stress. CorrosionX Extended Duty penetrates existing rust and corrosion, displaces moisture and shuts down electrolysis. It leaves a non-hardening, resilient coating that provides maximum protection against moisture intrusion.



CorrosionX XD is not flammable. Applicable over wet or already rusty surfaces. Extremely resistant against Sulphur, Methane and salt. XD has unlimited shelf life. It does not dry or go sticky. It does not pick up dirt. Superb lubrication factor of 0.4, some 3 times better than engine oil.
Safe to 25.000 Volt. Food safe, not food grade.
Protects and penetrates even into rusty hydraulic fittings, bolts, hinges, locks, chain drives and winch cables. HD does not go sticky or dry. Used on i.e. chain and sprockets it will not need to be cleaned off, but can simply be topped up with new product.


  • Marine: Voids, anchor lockers, beltings, frame work , steel cables, exposed hydraulics, levers and linkages. Chain drives and cable hoists.
    Long Term Storage, Taps and Hinges.Latches, Locks, Outdrives
  • Automotive, Truck & RV: Forklift Chains, Container Doors and Locks, Roller gates
    Battery Terminals, Electrical Connectors, Limiter Switches, Solenoids, Hydraulic hose swages. Work Shop Tools and Tools used on Site.  
  • Industrial & Agricultural: Long-Term Parts Storage, Rollers, Conveyors, Fittings, Implement Storage, Hinges, Cables, Locks and Locking Mechanisms, Livestock Trailers


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 1427344350 pdf-710-493
CorrosionX XD
Cat No. Description Type Size Qty
CorrosionX Extended Duty
Trigger Spray
CorrosionX Extended Duty
1 Gallon

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