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Energy Storage - CellCube

CellCube1-628-549CellCube, solving the problem of storing solar energy.

The CellCube energy storage system is considered to be a milestone in the history of the regenerative energy management. Whether in combination with photovoltaics, wind power plants, biogas generators or in parallel operation – the vanadium redoxflow energy storage system ensures uninterrupted power supply. It is independent of weather and temperature fluctuations, temperatures, length of day or unstable grids.

  • High level of safety, non-flammable, non-explosive
  • Installed in three world heritage sites
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Virtually unlimited cyclisation
  • Scalable system through a parallel connection of multiple CellCubes
  • CellCube is 100% capable of deep discharge cycles
  • Turnkey energy storage in a weatherproof and tamper-proof housing
  • Up to 80 % efficiency
  • Integrated system solution, including specially adapted inverters, thus giving access to various energy sources.
  • Optional remote or online maintenance
  • Central temperature management
  • Optimal operational performance as a result of smart battery management
  • Simple and cost-effective transport thanks to standard freight containers
  • Vanadium is environmentally-friendly and recyclable
  • Spontaneous response to load demand 
The CellCube energy storage system based on vanadium redox flow technology is the perfect solution for stable power supply. With a capacity of 40, 70, 100 and 130 kWh and a charge / discharge power output of 10, 20 and 30 kW, the CellCube provides large energy reserves for e-mobility applications or peak load coverage.

  • Grid support: to stabilise low and medium voltage systems, as an energy reserve, or to smooth out output spikes (management of load and production peaks)
  • Backup: as inline UPS system with frequency and amplitude decoupling, equipped with the latest system safety features
  • Wind and solar parks: as a buffer to stabilise energy output and fluctuations, higher contractual security through energy reserves in times of reduced performance
  • Repowering: Investment protection: CellCube ensures constant energy feed even after the wind or solar park has been written off.
  • Increase in self-consumption of renewable energies and substitution of diesel generators
Performance and energy *
Nominal charge output 10/20/30 kW
Nominal discharge output 10/20/30 kW
Capacity of the energy storage system 40 kWh (optional 70/100/130 kWh)
Battery and system voltage
Output voltage option - 48 VDC; 120 VAC; 230 VAC (single-phase); 400 VAC (three-phase)
Duty cycle / reaction time grid-independent: < 20 ms, remote control: < 3 s
Control system
Control via external interfaces serial, TCP / IP, other bus systems
Condition monitoring using remote query by e-mail Charge rate, available energy, charge / discharge power output, etc.
Efficiency depends on the area of application up to 80 %
Discharge time at nominal power output
Discharge time (autonomy) Depends on power output and capacity
1.3 hours ** 24 kW
2 hours ** 16 kW
4 hours ** 8 kW
Self-discharge during standby ** <150 W
Self-discharge in tank negligible (< 1 % per year)
Size and weight
Dimensions L × W × H 4660 × 2200 × 2420 m
Weight (when empty) 3.8 – 4.5 t
Total weight (when filled) 7 – 14 t
Climatic operating conditions
Climatic operating conditions -20°C bis +45° (monthly average)
  The intelligent temperature management system maintains the indoor temperature between 20°C and 30°C. Thanks to adequate insulation (for heating or cooling) it can be used in all climatic zones
IP protection class
IP protection class IP 54
* Standard unit
** Subject to change

CellCube cover-656 CellCube6-555

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