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RedT - Energy Storage System

RedT Storage Machines-353After 15 years of research and development, redT has developed a new and proprietary energy storage machine which enables the efficient and sustainable storage of electrical energy in liquid form.
  • Maximise Renewable Utilisation
  • Hedge Against Energy Prices
  • Save On Grid Purchases
  • 100% Depth Of Discharge
  • No Heavy Metals 
  • No Thermal Runaway 
We develop and supply durable and robust energy storage machines for use in a wide range of on and off-grid industrial, commercial and grid-scale applications. 
Unlike conventional batteries, where energy is stored in a cell, our patented energy storage modules store energy in a liquid. This technology does not degrade like conventional batteries and affords exceptionally long life with (100%) discharge functionality, making the system perfectly suited to integration alongside renewables such as wind and solar.
The system is equally well suited to working alongside diesel generators in off-grid applications, improving efficiency and reducing expenditure on fuel and other associated costs. 

RedT How It Works-977Vanadium Redox Flow Machine (VRFM) technology utilises the flow of vanadium electrolyte across an ion exchange membrane. When this occurs, a reversible electrochemical reaction takes place, allowing electrical energy to be stored and subsequently returned.  
The technology relies on the ability of Vanadium to exist in four different oxidation states (V2+, V3+, V4+, and V5+), each of which holds a different electrical charge. 
Demonstrated by the diagram, the electrolyte in the negative half-cell contains V3+ and V2+ ions, whilst the electrolyte in the positive half-cell contains V4+ and V5+ ions. This represents the machine in its charged state. On discharge, a redox reaction occurs in the central stack, creating a surplus of electrons at the negative terminal, generating an electrical current.
The setup of the electrolyte and the membrane stack can be compared to that of an engine and fuel tanks. The membrane stack (‘engine’) delivers power rated in kilowatts (kW), whilst the fuel (the vanadium electrolyte) delivers energy rated in kilowatt hours (kWh).


A key issue in supplying renewable energy to the grid is the mismatch between availability and demand. 
redT energy storage is ideal for coupling to renewables, such as PV and wind. Unlike most energy storage systems, it does not degrade, even when performing 100% charge/discharge cycles, and is suited to long duration storage, meaning it can handle the high volatility inherent in renewable generation. The machine’s life also matches that of renewable assets (25 years), further minimising costs.
Use redT energy storage with renewables to maximise your utilisation through time-shifting and peak shaving, remove constraints on existing renewable generation or gain full autonomy from the grid.
RedT GridServices-700
Conventional power plants have traditionally provided both energy and grid balancing services. However, with the increasing proliferation of renewable energy,  the  grid must now adapt to the larger share of mid-to-low power generation, leaving utilities with the issue of how to perform grid services.
redT energy storage is capable of performing grid services at both transmission and distribution levels, requiring discharge durations ranging from seconds to days and power ratings from 100kW - 10MW.  Use the machine to provide capacity to the grid for balancing, deferral, congestion relief and other services - opening up new revenue streams and maximising your return on investment.
RedT OffGrid-124
Energy storage provides a solution for locations with a weak or non-existent grid connection. redT machines are equally well-suited to coupling with renewables, diesel generators or a combination of the two.
For renewables, the energy storage machine can absorb intermittent and volatile generation and time-shift it for when there is demand. redT systems can also stabilise the addition of renewables to a micro-grid, enabling maximum flexibility of operation.
For non-renewables, a diesel genset can run 3x more efficiently at full loads than low loads. By coupling diesel assets with redT energy storage,  the genset can run at a higher loading to charge the machine whilst still supplying demand. This not only reduces fuel consumption (as the genset is only run at optimised efficiencies) but also prolongs the life of the generator, reducing replacement and maintenance requirements, leading to significantly lower total operating costs.
RedT Telco-955
In order to provide extensive coverage, telecommunications stations often need to be installed in remote locations where diesel generators must be used due to weak or non-existent grid connections. 
redT energy storage machines reduce site operating costs by increasing generator efficiency, and have the potential to eliminate the need for fuel when used alongside sufficient solar PV assets. 
The low maintenance requirements and remote monitoring capability of the redT system minimises the need for site attendance and, unlike lead-acid batteries, the system is not a target for theft as there is no easily accessible secondary market for vanadium.


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