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CASE STUDY: Spirit of Adventure Trust NZ goes Electric

Written by TransNet NZ Limited on January 11th, 2024.  0 comments

4Hyundai NZ, Wallbox and TransNet all got behind the desire of the Spirit of Adventure Trust to go electric.  Hyundai supplied the electric vehicle stock, Wallbox supplied the best charger for the job and TransNet took care of having the chargers installed.

The mission of The Spirit of Adventure Trust, established in 1973, is to empower young New Zealanders to reach their full potential through the challenge of the sea. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in December 2023, the Trust has taken over 82,000 youth on voyages of personal discovery aboard the tall ship, Spirit of
New Zealand.

TransNet, a long-standing partner of Wallbox in New Zealand, has been instrumental in providing high-quality products to the Electrical Distribution, Transmission, Rail, OEM, and Wholesale industries for over twenty years. As the official Wallbox Distributor in New Zealand since 2018, TransNet is committed to
leading the way in new technologies and providing added value propositions.

The Challenge

Dedicated to youth development, The Spirit of Adventure recognised the importance of addressing current youth issues, related to mental health, diversity, culture and the environment. In an effort to lead by example in the environmental space, they are transitioning their fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles. The challenge included installing an EV charger near the Princes Wharf, where the Spirit of New Zealand is berthed, catering to the high foot traffic in the area.

The Solution

TransNet, in collaboration with Wallbox, proposed the Wallbox Pulsar Pro as the ideal solution for the Trust’s environmental commitment. The Pulsar Pro allows the Trust to share the charger among different members using RFID and 4G connectivity.

The myWallbox Portal provides usage statistics, user management, and full control of the charger.  
Mounted on an inverted pedestal with a coiled charging cable, the installation minimises impact on foot
and vehicle traffic on the Princes Wharf.

The scalable installation is expected to double next year, based on the Trust moving to more EV’s.

The Result

3The Spirit of Adventure is leading by example, having initiated the electrification of their fleet. Their goal? To go 100% electric by the end of 2024 and installing a second Wallbox Pulsar Pro for power sharing. The Trust anticipates saving NZ$6500 in petrol in the first year alone. TransNet, Wallbox, and HYUNDAI NZ supported the charity status of The Spirit of Adventure, making the initiatives cost-free for the trust.
Together, they contribute to increasing the adoption of cleaner transportation in New Zealand.

Bruce Pilbrow, CEO at the Spirit of Adventure, said: “These guys have a heart to make the step change easy! Their belief in supporting innovation and innovative thinking enabled the Spirit of Adventure Trust to do the right thing!”

Spencer Winn, Managing Director at TransNet said: “Finding a solution to a challenging project is something our e-Mobility division manager – Glenn Inkster thrives on, so when we were asked to join our friends at HYUNDAI NZ and make this switch to EV happen, we knew Glenn would find a sensible solution.”  He added: “The Spirit of Adventure Trust is a great avenue to success for the next generation and we’re glad to be a part of helping them succeed.”

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