Cable Cover & Warning Strip

Cable cover and warning strip are designed to give the public a visual reminder that there is live electrical cables beyond and to beware of the dangers involved.

TransNet Cable cover is manufactured in New Zealand from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). There are various sizes and strengths available off the shelf with some special manufacture sizes also available. Cable Cover is designed to protect the cables/pipes it is covering, we have two ranges available, one that complies with the Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ4702-2000 (Cat No. begins with CCASNZ) and the 3mm & 5mm thick range that does not comply with this standard. The AS/NZ4702-2000 standard is (amongst other things) based primarily on the strength of the cable cover not how thick it is.

Warning strip and danger tape are a thin plastic tape that is used as a visual warning of the potential for harm beyond the tape.  Warning strip is buried above the cable and danger tape is used to identify hazardous area that people should stay away from.


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