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New Product - Lightweight MDPE Transformer Pad

Written by TransNet NZ Limited on July 21st, 2023.  0 comments

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When we were approached to come up with an alternative to the heavy, awkward, and time-consuming concrete transformer pads that are commonplace here in NZ the challenge was much like when we reinvented traditional pole blocks with our lightweight MDPE ECOBlock range back in 2009. We were keen to do it again, so our Engineering team got to work quickly with ideas and simulated tests to determine what strength was required and what forces it would need to stand up to.

With all this knowledge and research done the team began designing a solution that would be capable of performing as required, even through seismic activity and extreme weather events.

The new transformer pad needed to be easy to transport and assemble, lightweight, and reduce down time waiting on it to cure. Our solution is the TXPAD: a rotationally moulded MDPE structure that simply locks together and once assembled is ready for deployment of the transformer.  The TXPAD is about 10% of the weight of its concrete predecessor, making it simple to plan jobs as a crane truck isn't required to transport it to site.

After a few revisions we got to the finished product and it is quite magnificent, a solution that ticks all the boxes from Health & Safety to performance and efficiency.

Centralines was the first company to undertake an install. We had a team on site to assist them and determine if there were any more improvements that could be made. Well, the installation went to plan. It went so well in fact that the team assembled it twice and still managed to finish the job well ahead of a conventional transformer pad installation.

Click the image to read what Centralines has to say about the TXPAD.