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Electric Vehicle Adapter

Electric Vehicle Adapter
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The A 1532 EVSE adapter is a special accessory intended for testing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) together with supported METREL installation testers. It is used for verification of electrical safety and functional testing of EVSE. It is intended for testing Mode 3 EV supply equipment with a type 2 connector.
If used together with the MI 3152 EurotestXC’s AUTO SEQUENCE®, the complete EVSE charging station can be tested (state-by-state) electrically and functionally with a push of a button. It is possible to create a professional station-based report with MESM.

  • Banana socket outputs for connection to 3-phase installation tester
  • Voltage indicators on EVSE output
  • Proximity Pilot resistance selector for simulation of EV cable presence and current rating detection
  • Control Pilot resistance selector for simulation of electric vehicle status
  • Socket output for connection to a 1-phase installation tester (Phase 1, Neutral, PE)
  • Type 2 Male Plug connector for connection to EVSE
  • 6 mA EV RCD support
  • Functional tests support*
  • EVSE AUTO SEQUENCE® support*
  • MESM report creation**
  • Basic support: 
    - A 1532
  • Partial support: 
    - 6 mA EV RCD
    - EVSE report**
  • Full support: 
    - Functional test support
    - EVSE AUTO SEQUENCE® support
  • On-site testing of EVSE charging station installation
  • Initial and periodic testing of private, semi-private and public EVSE charging stations
  • Safety: EN 61010-1
  • Functionality: EN 61851-1
* Functional tests and AUTO SEQUENCE® are supported only on the MI 3152 EurotestXC and MI 3152 H EurotestXC 2.5 kV testers.
** Report printing is only available via the MESM PC SW. The MESM license (P 1101) is to be purchased separately.
Supported Instruments A1532 EVSE Adapter 6mA RCD Functional Test EVSE AUTOSEQUENCE EVSE Report
MI3101 EurotestAT        
MI3105 EurotestXA        
MI3125 EurotestCOMBO        
MI3100S EurotestEASI        
MI3100SE EurotestEASI        
MI3125 BT Eurotest COMBO    
MI3102H BT EurotestXE 2.5kV      
MI3102 BT EurotestXE    
MI3152H EurotestXC 2.5kV
MI3152 EurotestXC
MI3155 EurotestXD
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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Adapter

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